SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThis clinic is about a multifactoral approach to health and disease. We utilize Chiropractic and nutritional principles to remove structural, biochemical, and emotional interference with the optimal expression of patients’ health potential. This site is about disseminating information about our health paradigm (how we view things) and health services to patients and prospective patients in a user – friendly way. We hope that you learn something new viewing our site and that you ultimately choose our office for your health care.

We have spared no expense in becoming great at helping people get and stay well. We think we are a pretty special clinic, mostly because of what we are told by patients who have sought other help throughout the years.  Also, our approach is one which meets you where you want, but we usually surprise most people in how much we can impact their health from so many different aspects beyond traditional Chiropractic care, or even just relief of their symptoms.  It’s true we have many pure Chiropractic miracles by simply adjusting the spines of our patients.  We also enjoy helping sore shoulders, knees, and elbows that are interfering with daily activities for people.  That said, we maintain that most people benefit from our viewpoint that there may be more than one contributor to a patient’s departure from health besides spinal subluxation or a dysfunctional shoulder.  For many patients, they are surprised that we want to also help them in areas they would not typically think of Chiropractors helping.  We simply go out of our way to be the most important doctor our patients have.  Our testimony is our long list of families who see us monthly to check their spines, and have done so for one or two decades.  We work to develop trusting relationships where we have seen patients look to us as their trusted first choice for any health decision, and we so value that.  If you’re looking for the quick fix for a back or neck pain, and that’s all you want, fine.  We can do that for you with expert skill and numerous techniques with over 2 decades of experience that has demonstrated consistent clinical results.  However, simply put, our clinic is about long term relationships with families that value optimal nerve system function through regular Chiropractic checkups, and nutritional and lifestyle-directed solutions to STAYING healthy.  Most of what we do is KEEP people healthy, not just fix sore backs.

Many patients like how we perform our Chiropractic Analysis and Adjusting.  To that end, you need to know about the PulStar system if you are considering entrusting your spine to our care.

The PulStar is a computer-assisted Chiropractic analysis and adjustment system.

How does it work?

The PulStar puts a small force (6 pounds) into each vertebra and it senses the feedback from the bone as to how resistive it is to that force.  It also measures the quality of motion of the bone(too much or too little).

This information is displayed graphically to show the doctor which joints are not “playing along” in PulStarG3Desktopspinal function.  The doctor then selects the joints for adjustment, and the force to be used, and the instrument uses REPETITIVE adjustments to restore joint function.  As the instrument is adjusting, it’s also sensing the motion and varying the frequency of impact to ensure maximal effectiveness and comfort.  When 10 oscillatory adjustments are within tolerance, the sensor has deemed joint motion restoration to have occurred and it shuts off automatically. Dr. Ferguson then rechecks the entire spine to assess the effectiveness of the adjustment.  Both he and the patient can compare on the screen what the patient’s LAST visit was like compared to the ‘before’ and ‘after’ assessments of the current visit. This level of accountability is a FIRST for Chiropractic and helps give Dr. Ferguson objectivity when making recommendations for care.

Where can I find more information?

Ask Lorri or Margaret for a book, pamphlet or magazine on the PulStar. You can also click here to go to the PulStar web site.

Dr. Ferguson: How can something so gentle be effective?

pro-2Think of a ‘jackhammer’ versus a ‘sledgehammer’.  Both are effective; one uses many pulses of less force.  Consider how a woodpecker can make a hole in the hardest of trees using multiple impacts.  Also, this instrument is so advanced, that it adjusts in the subharmonic frequency of the subluxated joint.  This is complicated, but visualize two children swinging on a swing-set.  One child is swinging fast and another is swinging slowly.  If you push on the childrens’ backs as they swing in the same frequency of the child’s swinging, then the child barely feels you.  The PulStar works similarly by pushing on the joint every 5th, 6th, or 8th(etc.) wave of the joint’s frequency.  It’s in a subharmonic:  like pushing on the child every 2nd or 3rd swing – but in that child’s frequency – so it’s comfortable.  With manual adjustments, I only have one frequency to offer the joint: MINE.  I’m as fast as I can be, but I’m not as fast as the PulStar.  Force = mass times acceleration.  If the force is fast, it does not have to be big.

This is the PulStar’s adjusting head:G3 Head

Dr. Ferguson: Is computer-assisted adjusting all you do?

No, but it is my primary assessment and adjusting technique.  For most patients, they seldom need many manual adjustments, but there are situations where a manual adjustment is the best choice for the patient. For some, I have found a combination of PulStar adjusting and manual adjusting is necessary to achieve a structural result(Posture changes). It depends on the spine.  The computer-assisted technology is the primary spinal analysis used for motion integrity of the spinal joints on routine check-ups.