First Visit:

We recognize and acknowledge the trust it takes to venture into any new doctor’s care.  Your first visit is designed for Dr. Ferguson to learn more about you, your condition, and overall health goals. We consistently exceed patient expectations, and we do so by first trying to understand what you want and to see where our skillset may be applied to your current health status or goals.  We are ultimately patient-centred in that we want to help why you consulted us and we’ll assess the plausibility of our skillset addressing your concerns by being thorough in history and examination.

We have a very thorough new patient system that yields consistent clinical results and patient satisfaction but we acknowledge that we’re not quick on your first day.  You will be in the office for about an hour.  If you don’t like ‘thorough’, you won’t like us, but patients consistently tell us how impressed they are with our approach.

You will start by filling out our health history form and watching a short educational video on Chiropractic before you see Dr. Ferguson. You can save time in our office by printing our health history form from this website and completing it beforehand to bring with you to your appointment.

Dr. Ferguson will then conduct a thorough history surrounding why you have chosen to come to our clinic, and any additional health concerns with a back-and-forth dialogue.

If your visit isn’t simply a symptom-free spinal analysis to get under Chiropractic Care, then the exam will be individualized towards your specific concern in addition to assessing your posture, spinal alignment, and joint function with meticulous discrimination.  We perform computer-assisted spinal motion analysis, digital picture analysis of posture, an assessment of your nerve system function including Heart Rate Variability, and computer-assisted foot motion analysis on every patient. X-Rays are not routine in our office, but if postural deformations are seen, or Dr. Ferguson suspects that care might be altered with seeing the bone’s angles, then special radiographs are taken in-house with meticulous attention to patient positioning.  Clearly, all healthcare interventions involve risk.  Sometimes the determination of whether or not you are a good candidate for our care comes down to viewing the bones on an X-Ray.

Second Visit:

During your second visit, Dr. Ferguson will thoroughly explain the exam findings, show the digital pictures and X-Rays to you, and explain how they plausibly relate to the reason that you came to see us. If he deems that you are a good candidate for our care, he will make recommendations for the care we can offer to you to make a difference in your health using the wide array of therapeutic interventions we offer.  The kind of adjustments and interventions we recommend using for your case are explained to you, and you will be offered care after you understand the fees for our care and accept our offer for care.  Dr. Ferguson will then perform your first adjustment to free up your nerve system and begin the process of healing!   Plan to be with the doctor 30 minutes.

Acute Phase of Care:

Your acute care consists of frequent appointments in our clinic for adjustments to restore spinal motion and decrease nerve interference so that your body has the optimal chance of healing.   During these appointments you will team up with our Chiropractic Technician to address your soft tissue quality using Pettibon Rehabilitation procedures before your adjustment with Dr. Ferguson to achieve the adjustment’s maximum effect, and then our CT will supervise you as you perform corrective exercises directly following your adjustment in our office to help promote global postural change and take advantage of the adjustment’s intersegmental motion improvement.  During this phase of care you will be instructed in home care corrective exercises to improve soft tissue quality and general movement quality as well.  Some of our favourite corrective exercises are on this website, so you can get an idea, but recognize that you will be given a custom set of exercises specific to your needs.

If you’ve come to us in pain, know that we’ll work towards relief as quickly as we can, but know that our focus is not the pain(after all, you could just take a drug for that, right?).  Our focus would be the dysfunction that is plausibly causing that pain – and – it might be a different area than where you hurt.  We offer a wide variety of natural help for this phase, like Theralase cold laser, Kinesiology taping, Rapid Release Therapy, and Nutraceuticals to help you through this phase as comfortably as possible.

Wellness Visits:

Most of the patient visits we enjoy in a day are no-symptom spinal ‘check-ups’ with long-term patients who see the value of having an optimally functioning spine and nerve system as important for their family’s health.  These visits are less expensive than our regular office visits, and families are usually seen once per month.  Much like a dentist can detect a tooth problem long before there are symptoms and work toward management for you, our technology allows us to detect subluxations in your spine long before you can ‘feel’ it, or the compensatory effects.

We are convinced that regular care provided by Chiropractors should be a priority for families to stay their healthiest.  We know it.  That said, please don’t worry if this not how you plan to use Chiropractic care for you and your family; if you’re simply wanting pain relief, we’ll provide that as quickly as possible in the acute phase and you will not be pestered into this kind of care.  We respectfully will help you towards your health goals.  We are patient-centred.

If a wellness patient suffers an injury or new complaint, naturally they may revert back to Acute Care until that resolves and the regular office visit fee structure applies until they are offered a discounted wellness check-up schedule again.