trigenics-optimTRIGENICS® Myoneural Medicine is a revolutionary neuromanual assessment and treatment system which can instantly relieve pain, strengthen muscles, restore function and correct meridian energy problems. Trigenics® is different than traditional manual treatments  such as chiropractic, massage, or physiotherapy, in that Trigenics® combines functional neurology with manual medicine. With Trigenics® your nervous system is treated to reset the way your brain communicates with your body which includes the muscles and organ systems. Patients are interactive participants in the treatment process rather than passive recipients. To do this, Trigenics® treatment system incorporates a gentle synergistic combination of contemporary western and ancient eastern medicine techniques with recent advances in functional neurology.

In our office, there are separate, 15 minute sessions available for this work, however, for most patients, Trigenics is incorporated in their first series of adjustments at no extra charge to help produce the fastest results possible for each patient.  We are committing to making our results as quickly as possible.

Because Trigenics takes more time than traditional adjusting, a patient who is undergoing wellness care, may require an extended visit to work on a new issue that patients may experience while under our care(“I hurt my shoulder on the weekend, Doc”) and that may involve Trigenics procedures.