skull1The human skull is comprised of 13 bones that are joined together with sutures (puzzle like structures). Although the sutures cannot be pulled apart, the bones in the skull can be knocked out of their proper alignment. The onset of your health problem(s) may be the result of an injury to the head.

Dr. Roger Turner has put together a technique combining a number of disciplines for maximum results (Cranial Adjusting Turner Style – C.A.T.S). This is the cranial adjusting technique employed by Dr. Ferguson.  Dr. Ferguson has taken both the basic and advanced courses in cranial adjusting with Dr. Turner himself and can detect misalignments in the skull very quickly and is able to improve the alignment of the bones in the skull with precision and care.  Cranial adjustments are most easily done on infants, as the bones are much more moveable with very little force – about the force that you would use to see your fingers blanch if you pressed on a flat surface.

C.A.T.S. chiropractors can locate cranial subluxation and use sustained force to help improve the alignment of the different cranial bones.  Cranial adjustments are not a treatment for any named condition, but as part of ensuring that a person has a nerve system functioning at the highest level, a cranial assessment is part of most New Patient Examinations.

Anyone who has suffered a trauma to the head should be examined for skull bone misalignments.