Green AppleSome of the most profound improvements in our patients’ health have occurred using Clinical Nutrition.  For many patients, they have a physiology problem that can be addressed with Clinical Nutrition. In our Nutritional Consultations, we seek to see the patients’ departure from health from the viewpoint that the body is smart and adaptive.  If the patient has eczema, we ask ‘why is the body reacting this way?’, not just ask ‘what cream should I use for my eczema?’. Instead of: ‘what can I use to bring my cholesterol down so I can get off this statin?’ we ask, ‘what conditions in your lifestyle choices are you allowing to persist which would make the body adapt by producing tons of cholesterol?’.  We view the body’s current state as its best intelligent adaptation.  We don’t treat conditions like high blood pressure.  We simply ask, in what way is this patient living that creates the intelligent adaptation of high blood pressure and then try and change the person’s environment to the extent that they are willing.

We have helped patients who have had serious departures from health regain the health they deserve by simply examining the environment the patient has provided for their cells.  For many, they haven’t thought about their bowel health as relating to their asthma or skin health.  Others simply need some discussion about how some stress management strategies may affect their overall health.  Others have decided that exercise or proper hydration are ‘options’ and not necessary.

I’ve spent my life learning about health and nutrition. I study each day. I partner with the best professional nutritional companies to give me the clinical nutrition to get patients to a level of health where it is easier for them to make better choices in terms of what one of my mentors, Dr. Rackowski calls: The Magnificent Seven:  How they eat, how they think, how they talk, how they poop, how they move, how they sleep, and how they drink.

For me, this is very rewarding work.  I’ve never been attached to a person’s departure from health having to be a spinal problem.  This is very freeing for me as a Chiropractor.

My favourite analogy for the work we do in this way is to consider a plant that is wilting.  You can tell its wilting by the brown leaves and bent-over stems and branches.  No-one would suggest fixing this problem by painting the brown leaves green or to inject a substance into the stem and branches to stiffen them.  Nearly everyone who sees a wilting plant will see the problem as one of toxicity or insufficiency.  It’s either getting poisoned by something in the soil/water/air, or it is DEFICIENT in what a plant needs to flourish(air, sun, water, soil quality etc).  People can go to Medical Doctors to name their diseases, and that’s important.  In our example though, it doesn’t help the plant to name the plant’s problem as “wiltitis” or “Wilt’s disease”.  Naming/diagnosing is not what we do.  If you’ve got a named disease, that may help guide plausible mechanisms, but our approach will be not based on your diagnosis, but on your environmental choices that plausibly led to your named problem.  We don’t treat or diagnose diseases.  We help change the environment in which your cells are trying to adapt.  For humans, toxicity is a big problem.  Insufficiency takes many forms(sufficient nutrients/ enough water/appropriate exercise/nerve system integrity/enough sleep and good quality thereof/the ability to manage stress appropriately/supportive human relationships/the ability to love and forgive oneself/sunlight and air quality/ etc….). No change….NO change.